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The Key West Munch

This is video footage of Munch Players ar Fantasy Fest. NOTE: a Munch is a non costume casual meeting - see definition of a MUNCH

October 20th

Hot week coming up!!!!
Looking for some kinky Fantasy Fest events?
So far, this year we have:

Friday Oct. 22nd: Kinky party at Master Craig's and lady Houdini's place in Big Pine, Mile Marker 28. Everybody is invited, starts at 2 pm and goes on as long as you wish. Private outdoor play area, bring everything you have!!!

Contact me here for the actual address or if you'd like to car pool from Key West.

Saturday Oct. 23rd: The Monthly Munch, a friendly non fetish gathering of the local kinksters which is augmented during FF by a fairly good size group of visitors and friends. A nice event, vanilla clothing please, held at at Kelly's Caribbean on Whitehead St.

Saturday Oct. 23rd: Around 10.30 pm, after the munch we have a gathering and play party in an apartment on Duval St with great balcony on Duval, overseeing the madness yet very private, all Munch attendees are invited, if you cannot attend the munch but wish to come, contact us. That event is as Fetish as you wish, everything sane and safe goes.

Sunday Oct. 24th:
BONDAGE COURSE: From 2-5pm, Attendees will need to be ON TIME so that we can all start together.

Beginner and intermediate intro to erotic and artistic bondage.

Learn basic safety, basic ties for sex or for fun and introduction to more artistic concepts for erotic effect.

Will be held in a very cool old style Key west building near corner of White and Truman, there will be a $10/person fee to cover the rental of the place.

Lots of rope available, this is not a serious play session but a fun technique and safety oriented initiation, come wearing casual comfy clothes, come as a couple or alone and we'll try to find a practice partner. Very relaxed atmosphere, NO FETISH WEAR!!!

Monday Oct 25th at 9pm: THE party not to be missed, Kinky Karnival at Kelly's Caribbean on Whitehead St, a very big very wild party, fetish attire required, our group animates a dungeon on one of the upstairs terraces, the party gets over 1500 people, the dungeon area usually has 200+ spectators. It is wild, attendees are invited to come and try flogging, whipping, bondage, spanking etc... We are always looking for experienced participants to join us to run the demos, contact me if interested, your entrance gets comped.

Wednesday Oct 27th, "Medical Release"

A medical fetish based play party at the 801 on Duval on Wednesday the 27th starting 9.30pm, top kinky DJ hired, lots of activities, outdoor space bar and play, Bondage, spanking, flogging, violet wand... it will be fun!!!

This is going to be a great one! Held at the 801 on Duval st. We are now organizing that party and it will be exciting with shows, animations, demos, house photographer to seize your moment, cage, padded room, st Andrew's crosses and much more ...

Embrace Your Darkest Desires...Come one and come all (boys & girls, boys & boys, girls & girls ) to play in our dungeon of fetishes! Play, voyeur, or take part in the show to unleash your darkest desires. Tie up your favorite friend, eat off our human tables, BDSM, alternative and swing with our house DJ. Attire; PVC, leather, latex, uniform, period, levi, underwear, vintage, glam, cyber, burlesque, masks, wear as much or as little as you want, but dress to THRILL! 801 Bourbon Bar /Saloon 1,

801 Duval; (305)293-9800pm;$25

And MAYBE!!!!
Depending on attendance and interest, we might also do another play party on the Friday night.

There will be a number of other parties throughout the week which we can discuss at the munch. If anyone is aware of activities that could interest the group happening in Key West, please do not be shy - Mention them! The goal here is to create a bit of a sense of community and to get to know each other as well as to help newcomers to come out and meet people with similar interests.

Please remember - vanilla dress code for the munch and fetish dress code for Kinky Karnival (they do check at the door!) Masks are recommended at the Karnival if you plan on participating in demos and care for your privacy, as cameras are allowed.

Looking very much forward to having fun during Fantasy fest, and meeting new faces - masked or not!

Smoke and sophie

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